Papers available on-line by Kalevi Kull (in English)

Biosemiotics and theoretical biology:

K.Kull (1993). Semiotic paradigm in theoretical biology
U.Sutrop, K.Kull (1985). Theoretical biology in Estonia
S.Brauckmann, K.Kull (1997). Nomogenetic biology and its Western counterparts
K.Kull (1998). Organism as a self-reading text: anticipation and semiosis
K.Kull (1998). On semiosis, Umwelt, and semiosphere
K.Kull (1998). Baerian biology: evolution by means of organisms' interpretation
K.Kull (1998). Semiotic ecology: different natures in the semiosphere
K.Kull (1999). Outlines for a post-Darwinian biology
K.Kull (1999). Towards biosemiotics with Yuri Lotman. Semiotica 127(1/4): 115-131.
K.Kull (1999). Biosemiotics in the twentieth century: a view from biology. Semiotica 127(1/4): 385-414. pdf here
K.Kull (1999). On the history of joining bio with semio: F. S. Rothschild and the biosemiotic rules. Sign Systems Studies 27: 128-138.
K.Kull (2000). Organisms can be proud to have been their own designers. Cybernetics and Human Knowing 7(1): 45-55.
K.Kull (2000). Copy versus translate, meme versus sign: development of biological textuality. European Journal for Semiotic Studies 12(1): 101-120.
K.Kull (2000). An introduction to phytosemiotics: Semiotic botany and vegetative sign systems Sign Systems Studies 28: 326-350.
K.Kull (2000). Trends in theoretical biology: The 20th century. Aquinas 43(2): 235-249.
K.Kull (2001). A note on biorhetorics Sign Systems Studies 29(2): 693-704.
K.Kull (2001). Jakob von Uexküll: An introduction. Semiotica 134(1/4): 1-59.
K.Kull (2002). A sign is not alive - a text is. Sign Systems Studies 30(1): 327-336.
K.Kull, P.Torop (2003). Biotranslation: Translation between umwelten. In: Petrilli, Susan (ed.), Translation Translation. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 313-328.
K.Kull (2003). Ladder, tree, web: The ages of biological understanding. Sign Systems Studies 31(2): 589-603.
K.Kull (2004). Uexküll and the post-modern evolutionism. Sign Systems Studies 32(1/2): 99-114.
R.Magnus, T.Maran, K.Kull (2004). Jakob von Uexküll Centre, since 1993. Sign Systems Studies 32(1/2): 375-378.
K.Kull (2005). Semiotics is a theory of life. (Thomas A. Sebeok Fellowship lecture) In: Williamson, Rodney; Sbrocchi, Leonard G.; Deely, John (eds.), Semiotics 2003: "Semiotics and National Identity". New York, Ottawa, Toronto: Legas, 15-31.
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K.Kull, J.Hoffmeyer (2005). Thure von Uexküll 1908-2004. Sign Systems Studies 33(2): 487-494.
K.Kull (2005). Semiosphere and a dual ecology: Paradoxes of communication. Sign Systems Studies 33.1: 175-189.
K.Kull (2007). Biosemiotic conversations: Ponzio, Bakhtin, Kanaev, Driesch, Uexkull, Lotman. In: Petrilli, Susan (ed.), Philosophy of Language as the Art of Listening: On Augusto Ponzio's Scientific Research. Bari: Edizioni dal Sud, 79-89.
K. Kull (2007). Biosemiotics and biophysics - the fundamental approaches to the study of life. In: Barbieri, Marcello (ed.), Introduction to Biosemiotics: The New Biological Synthesis. Berlin: Springer, 167-177.
K.Kull, C.Emmeche, D.Favareau (2008). Biosemiotic questions. Biosemiotics 1(1): 41-55.
H.H.Pattee, K.Kull (2009). A biosemiotic conversation: Between physics and semiotics. Sign Systems Studies 37(1/2): 311-331.
K.Kull (2009). Biosemiotics: To know, what life knows. Cybernetics and Human Knowing 16(3/4): 81-88.
K.Kull (2009). Vegetative, animal, and cultural semiosis: The semiotic threshold zones. Cognitive Semiotics 4: 8-27.
K.Kull, T.Deacon, C.Emmeche, J.Hoffmeyer, F.Stjernfelt (2009). Theses on biosemiotics: Prolegomena to a theoretical biology. Biological Theory 4(2): 167-173.
K.Kull (2009). The importance of semiotics to University: Semiosis makes the world locally plural. In: Deely, John; Sbrocchi, Leonard G. (eds.), Semiotics 2008: Specialization, Semiosis, Semiotics. Ottawa: Legas, 494-514.

Vegetation science:

K.Kull (1995). Growth form parameters in clonal herbs. Scripta Botanica 9: 106-115.
V.Masing, K.Kull, H.Trass, M.Zobel (1995). Vegetation science in Estonia. Scripta Botanica 9: 144-189.
T.Kukk, K.Kull (1997). Wooded Meadows. Estonia Maritima 2: 1-249.
N.Ingerpuu, K.Kull, K.Vellak (1998). Bryophyte vegetation in a wooded meadow: relationship with phanerogam diversity and responses to fertilization. Plant Ecology 134: 163-171.
M.Sammul, K.Kull, L.Oksanen, P.Veromann (2000). Competition intensity and its importance. Oecologia 125: 18-25.
A.Tamm, K.Kull, M.Sammul (2002). Classifying clonal growth forms based on vegetative mobility and ramet longevity: A whole community analysis. Evolutionary Ecology 15: 383-401.
T.Kull, T.Kukk, M.Leht, H.Krall, U.Kukk, K.Kull, V.Kuusk (2002). Distribution trends of rare vascular plants species in Estonia. Biodiversity and Conservation 11(2): 171-196.
M.Sammul, K.Kull, A.Tamm (2003). Clonal growth in a species-rich grassland: Results of a 20-year fertilization experiment. Folia Geobotanica 38: 1-20.
U.Niinemets, K.Kull, K. (2003). Leaf structure vs. nutrient relationships vary with soil conditions in temperate shrubs and trees. Acta Oecologica 24(4): 209-219.
M.Sammul, K.Kull, T.Niitla, T.Mols (2004). A comparison of plant communities on the basis of their clonal growth patterns. Evolutionary Ecology 18(5): 443-467.
Ü. Niinemets, K. Kull (2005). Co-limitation of plant primary productivity by nitrogen and phosphorus in a species-rich wooded meadow on calcareous soils. Acta Oecologica 28: 345-356.
R. Oren, K. Kull, A.Noormets (2008). Olevi Kull's lifetime contribution to ecology. Tree Physiology 28(4): 483-490.
M.Oopik, T.Kukk, K.Kull, T.Kull (2008). The importance of human mediation in species establishment: Analysis of the alien flora of Estonia. Boreal Environment Research 13: 53-67.


K.Kull (1998). Symbiosis and semiosis [Published in: Endocytobiosis and Cell Research 13, Supplement, p. 72.]
T.Tiivel, K.Kull (1998). Thure von Uexküll: between biology, medicine, and semiotics [Published in: Endocytobiosis and Cell Research 13, Supplement, p. 136.]
K.Kull (1998). The Baerian biology and evolution as leaded by the organism’s interpretation
K.Kull (2000). Active Motion, Communicative Aggregations, and the Spatial Closure of Umwelt. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 901: 272-279.
Ü.Niinemets, K.Kull (2003). Leaf structure vs. nutrient relationships vary with soil conditions in temperate shrubs and trees. Acta Oecologica 24(4): 209-219.

In Estonian:

K.Kull (1996). Biosemiootika: märkmeid sissejuhatuseks
K.Kull, M.Lotman (1995). Semiotica Tartuensis: Jakob von Uexküll ja Juri Lotman
K.Kull (1995). Äratundmisest bioloogilisemalt
K.Kull, S.Salupere, P.Torop (2005). Semiootikal pole algust. In: Deely, John, Semiootika alused. Tartu: Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus, ix-xxv.

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