Läänemaa Bird Club (LBC) was founded in 1993 to unite people interested in nature and birds in Läänemaa and Hiiumaa counties (Western Estonia). The club has over 70 members at present. The aims of the club are directed towards bird studies and protection as well as popularization of ornithology. In co-operation with Saaremaa Bird Club we are publishing a journal Linnurada.

From our homepage you can find recent observation results from Western Estonia, some useful materials and links about bird studies, local birdlists and maps.

For more information you are welcome to contact mr. Ivar Ojaste, the chairman of board of LBC, who will be glad to answer your questions.

Läänemaa Bird Club. Kiltsi tee 10. 90403 Haapsalu, Estonia.
Webmaster: Hannes Pehlak

LBC homepage is located at the server of the Institute of Zoology and Botany of the Estonian Agricultural University.

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