Professor, Head of the Department of Botany, Estonian University of Life Sciences
(PhD, 1997 "Population dynamics in Cypripedium calceolus L.")

Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Riia 181, Tartu 51014,

Telephone: (+372)7477172, Fax: (+372)7380313
E-mail: tiiu@zbi.ee

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Current interests:
Population biology of rare plants (especially Orchidaceae),
clonal growth and reproduction biology of flowering plants.

Projects I am involved in:
Orchid Biology book series (co-editor)
Estonian Biodiversity Project (coordinator)
Red Data book of Estonia
Atlas and Keybook of Estonian vascular plants
Flora of the Baltic countries
Monitoring of rare plant populations
Orchid population dynamics workshop

Lecture courses (Estonian Agricultural University):
Taxonomy of flowering plants
Protected plants
Estonian flora, vegetation, and its protection

Estonian Orchid Protection Club
Other orchid pages

Epipogium aphyllum (F.W.Schmidt) Swartz