Urmas Tartes, Curriculum Vitae (CV)

1. Name: Urmas Tartes

2. Position: freelance nature photographer and writer

3. Date of birth: 19.09.1963

4. Educational history:

  • 1982 - Nõo Secondary school, class of mathematics and physics. Golden medal
  • (1983-1985 in Soviet army)
  • 1989 - Tartu University, biology (zoologist). Cum laude

5. Research and professional experience, institutional affiliation and postdoctoral research training:

  • In 1989 engineer in the laboratory of the experimental entomology of Institute of Zoology and Botany (IOZB).
  • Autumn 1989 postgraduate student.
  • Autumn 1991 senior laboratory assistant in the IOZB.
  • April 1992 managing director of IOZB.
  • During second term 1994 held partially assistant professor job at Tartu University
  • January 1996 up to 31.12.2004 director of IOZB.
  • 01.01.2005. professor at Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • 22.06.2010. freelance nature photographer and writer

6. Academic degrees:

  • Master's thesis in 1993.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in 1995. Title "Respiration Rhythms in Insects". Both at Tartu University.

7. Honors/awards:

  • 4th class Order of the White Star (2001)

8. Administrative experience:

  • Member of Estonian Naturalists Society
  • Chairman of the Nature Protection Comission of Estonian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of the Estonian Club of Rome

9. Research interests: Colours in nature, Insect physiology (respiration, circulation, homeostasis), visual communication

10. Grant projects:

  • 1996-1999, ESF, "Metabolic rhythms in insects"
  • 2000-2003, ESF, "Homeostasis maintenance mechanisms in insects"
  • 2004-2007, ESF, "Homeostasis under stress conditions in insects"

11. Dissertations advised: Alo Vanatoa Masters thesis "About payment of oxygen dept in imagoes of great flour beetle (Tenebrio molitor L.)" 19.08.1999