Special issue of SEMIOTICA (vol. 134, 2001)
about Jakob von Uexküll

The international journal SEMIOTICA (the editor-in-chief Prof. Thomas A. Sebeok) has published a special issue about Jakob von Uexküll (1864-1944). The guest editor of the special issue was Kalevi Kull.

 J.v.Uexküll's works have been the focus of a growing interest among specialists in different fields in the last decades. However, any collective volume about his work and impact with many contributors has not been published earlier. Thus, this special issue is the first of its kind. The issue covers a wide variety of topics in which the biosemiotic views of Uexküll are reflected.

 The preparation and editing of manuscripts started already in 1999. The volume appeared in July 2001, as vol. 134(1/4) of Semiotica. Here is the table of contents.

 The preparation of the volume included the Uexküll-workshop in Tartu on June 7-9, 1999, followed by the biosemiotic session at the ISISSS semiotic conference in Imatra (Finland) on June 12-13, 1999, the theme of which was J.v.Uexküll and biosemiotics.

 After completing this special issue, the journal Sign Systems Studies is planning to publish further studies on Uexküll and biosemiotics. In the case of your interest to contribute in these issues, or of any proposals or information which may improve the further publications (and website) about Uexküll, please write to Kalevi Kull:

e-mail: kalevi@zbi.ee

or via snail-mail:

Dept. of Semiotics, University of Tartu, Tiigi Str. 78, 50410 Tartu, Estonia