E construction activities (incl. Road building etc)
H disturbance and traffic
K exploitation
Ko picking, collecting, replanting
trapping, hunting, mining, illegal hunting and fishing
L mining (incl. Taking of sand and clay, quarries etc.)
M forestry activities
Me forestation
Mh forest management activities
Mk drainage of forests
Ml decline in decaying and hollow trees
Mm changes in the share of different tree species
Mn changes in age structure of forests: decline in old forests and giant trees
Mr clear cutting
P agricultural activities
Pk pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture
Pm changes in arable land fields and in its exploitation (drainage, application of machinery and its changes, changes in crop plants)
Pv overgrowing of meadows, pastures and other open spaces following cessation of hay cutting or/and grazing
S drainage of mires and bog peat harvesting
T mechanical wear on habitat
U other causes (changes of climate, introduction of new species, crossbreeding, changes in other regions etc.)
V threats to aquatic habitats/waterbodies
Ve eutrophication of waterbodies
Vk filling up/overgrowing with vegetation
Vm changes in waterbodies (channelization, dredging, water level regulation)
Õ environmental toxins, air pollution, acidification
X cause unknown