A floodplains
I man-made habitats
Ia parks, gardens, courtyards
Ie buildings
Ih rubbish damps
Ij roadsides, waste lands
Ik pastures
In cultivated meadows
Ip fields
Ir clear-cuts
K rocks (bedrock outcrops, boulders)
Kk limestone rocks
Kl sandstone rocks
Ks Silicate boulders
L dunes and sandy plains
Ln heaths
M forests
Ml deciduous forests
Mlv old deciduous forests
Mn young forests
Mo coniferous forests
Mov old coniferous forests
Mp burn areas
Ms mixed forests
Msv old mixed forests
N meadows
Np wooded meadows
Nr coastal meadows
O alvars
P bushes
R shores and banks
Rj lake shores and river banks
Rm seashores
S mires
Sm fens
Sr bogs
Ss transitional mires
V waterbodies
Va springs
Ve temporal (ephemeral) waterbodies
Vm sea
rivers (incl. canals and ditches)
lakes (standing waters, incl. reservoirs)
Väa alkalitrophic lakes
Väd dystrophic lakes
Väe eutrophic lakes
Väh hypertrophic lakes
Väo oligotrophic lakes
X habitat unknown