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Folia Baeriana

Folia Baeriana is an international serial publication of Baer House in Tartu, Estonia. Published by the Estonian Naturalists' Society and the Institute of Zoology and Botany. Established by the initiative of an Estonian historian of biology Maie Remmel(-Valt).

Vol. 1. 1975. Eds.: V.Kaavere, T.Sutt. 184 p.
Vol. 2. 1976. Eds.: V.Kaavere, M.Valt. 164 p.
Vol. 3. 1978. Baer und Entwicklung der Naturwissenschaften. Eds.: V.Kaavere, K.Paaver, K.Põldvere, T.Sutt. 252 p.
Vol. 4. 1983. Bibliographie von K.E.v.Baer. Ed.: T.Sutt. Compiled by V.Kaavere, H.Saal. 112 p.
Vol. 5. 1990. Systemtheoretische Betrachtungsweise im modernen Evolutionismus. Eds.: T.Sutt, V.Kaavere. 176 p.
Vol. 6. 1993. Baer and Modern Biology. (Proceedings of the International Conference held in Tartu 29.02.-3.3.1992.) Eds.: T.Sutt, A.Heinaru, V.Kaavere, H.Kallak, A.Piirsoo. 304 p.
Vol. 7. 1999. Eds.: E.Tammiksaar, K.Kull. 150 p.

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